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The different health effects of marijuana’s various forms

There are highs and then there are highs. This article will examine why consumers of some forms of marijuana products experience a stronger high than users who imbibe the traditional way, opening themselves to the risk of a more pronounced reaction. Pharmacokinetics: a primer on absorption The body absorbs chemicals at different rates depending on […]

Learning self-mastery on the road to recovery

Self-conquest is far more noble than the conquest of others, and for some more difficult. Human beings are blessed with free will, or volition. But because humans are also social creatures, their free will is moderated by their relationships with others — past and present. For example, a man may feel like sleeping late and […]

The risks and challenges with polysubstance abuse

Polysubstance abuse refers to the consumption of one or more illicit substances over a defined period or simultaneously. It was once a diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, but it was eliminated from the DSM-5 criteria. Currently, substance use disorder is the proper term for anyone with a substance abuse problem, […]

Personality disorders: A brief primer

A personality disorder is a mental disorder characterized by rigid and unhealthy thought patterns that negatively impact a person’s social encounters and behavior. People with personality disorders may have difficulties at work, school or home. They may also have trouble maintaining healthy relationships. Clinicians have divided personality disorders into three clusters.

Runner’s high benefits substance abuse and addiction treatment
Posted in Addiction, Treatment

Exercise can activate the brain’s pleasure circuit just like sex, food, gambling and addictive substances through the release of naturally rewarding brain chemicals called endorphins. Following physical activity, our brains naturally release rewarding chemicals called endorphins in the brain, spinal cord and other parts of the body. Endorphins (i.e., endogenous opioids) are released after exercise […]

Epigenetics vs. genetics: A closer look at nurture over nature
Posted in Medicine, Treatment

Disease has been traditionally understood as an interaction between the environment (e.g., dietary factors, exercise habits) and our genes (e.g., diabetes). Scientists believe that the relationship between these environmental and genetic factors across one’s lifespan greatly contribute to an individual’s susceptibility for developing certain psychiatric conditions. Genetic research has been particularly beneficial for showing how […]

Sizzurp’s just another name for prescription abuse

Chad Lamont Butler – “Pimp C” on record – finally reached the big time in 2007. A talented rapper, collaborator and producer, Pimp C and his partner in the rap duo UGK, Bernard “Bun B” Freeman, had just released their first number-one record, a sprawling double album set that was received with rave reviews. Sadly, […]

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