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Cannabinoid receptor could aid in future disease treatments

Researchers at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, the University of Bonn in Germany and the National Institute on Drug Abuse have found a new, neurological function for a receptor previously thought to be involved solely in the immune system. The results of this study were published in the prestigious scientific journal Neuron. The study […]

Meth users, makers in danger of burn injuries, disfigurement

Methamphetamine (meth) is one of the most destructive drugs ever created. It is cheap, easy to make and extremely addictive. Meth destroys teeth, faces, brains, families, lives and communities. Some users burn out gradually over time, whereas others seem to suddenly go up in smoke. The number of burn injuries from meth manufacturing has been […]

Cannabis use disorder causes dopamine release deficits

The brain’s reward system consists of a group of structures that are activated by rewarding stimuli like food, sex and addictive drugs. Humans are naturally driven to do the things that make them feel good. In the presence of highly rewarding stimuli, such as cocaine, alcohol and other drugs, the brain’s reward system triggers the […]

The relationship between bacteria and mental illness

“The nose has been formed to bear spectacles – thus we have spectacles.” Voltaire, “Candide.” Not unlike Candide, scientists search for cause and effect relationships in nature. For years, researchers have sought organic causes for mental illness. New research into schizophrenia lends credence to the belief that some mental illnesses are rooted in natural causes. […]

Alternative pain treatments to circumvent opioid abuse
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Texans understand wildfires; there is a difference between containment and control of a blaze. Containment is the measure, in percentage, of how much of the fire is surrounded and its spread stopped. Control is a whole other ballgame; it’s the switch from defense to offense – when the perimeter is fully outlined and expected to […]

The dual diagnosis of trauma and cocaine abuse

Living with internal distress is like a morbid game of pinball: it’s soon forgotten from where the weighted ball of turmoil emerged, but you struggle to deflect it as it pings from emotional trauma to mental disorder and shoots up to drugs, alcohol or compulsions. You try to keep up, focusing on juggling the chaotic […]

Uncertainty more stressful than certain pain, study shows
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If knowledge is power, what is the effect of uncertainty on the human psyche? Uncertainty causes stress Apparently, uncertainty has a profound effect on human stress response. A recent study revealed that not knowing if pain was coming was more stressful than knowing it was definitely coming. Researchers at University College London set up a […]

Hiding in plain sight: Drug paraphernalia for sale online

“Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.” That’s the Amazon motto, and you may be shocked to know how far it and other international shipping companies would go to have something for everyone – even the drug user. The Daily Dot stumbled upon several online products suspiciously earmarked “not for cocaine use” that help buyers store, disguise and […]

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