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How do minorities differ in their diagnoses and treatment?

It is estimated that one-fourth of American adults are affected by a mental disorder at some point in their lives. Two-thirds of these individuals never seek help from a physician or mental health care professional. In the psychiatric community, it is well known that significant disparities exist in the delivery and receipt of mental health […]

Substance abuse among survivors of multiple disasters

Many in the region were barely getting by. Then the disaster hit. Now they have nothing: keepsakes, identification and home gone, neighbors and pets dead, physical and mental health ravaged seemingly in an instant. Long after federal and even international relief are done dropping provisions – if at all – and a few years after […]

The dangers of moving as a child
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Moving as an adult is stressful. Moving as a child or an adolescent can be world-changing. New schools, new friends and new environments can all result in quite the psychological blow, especially when compounded with puberty and other adolescent struggles. But how bad is it really? A research team asked this question and published the […]

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