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Everywhere, under the rainbow: Ethnic minorities deal with substance abuse

It’s hard enough being in the racial minority. Many will tell of the pressure to perform better, work harder and behave with more “civilized” acquiescence than their Anglo counterparts. The American melting pot more often feels like the proverbial fishbowl: with curious eyes following your family’s every move and stereotyping pointed fingers tapping at the […]

In relationships, binge drinking can be contagious

What makes people drink too much – work pressure, financial trouble or grief? In some cases, it might be their significant other. A recent study by the Dalhousie University (DU) in Canada suggested that the influence couples have over each other might extend to drinking habit as well. When consumed in moderate amounts, alcohol can […]

Calls involving overdoses behind the wheel on the rise

With an increasing number of people switching from prescription opioids to cheaper heroin to get the high, more and more people are fatally overdosing behind the wheel. Looking at the opioid epidemic striking the United States, the number of overdose calls to the police is only increasing day by day. In Louisville, Kentucky, in the […]

Fentanyl might be driving ‘overdose clusters’

During the first weekend in February, at least 14 people fatally overdosed in Cleveland. The next weekend, eight people died the same way in Milwaukee. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls it an “epidemic,” and it’s hard to argue. From 1999 to 2014, the CDC’s data shows drug overdose deaths nearly tripled. […]

New Mexico considers expanding DWI laws to include marijuana

Medical marijuana is legal in over half of the states (28) in the United States, including New Mexico. The state also passed a bill in January 2017 for legalizing marijuana for adult use. Looking at these developments, a recent bill from New Mexico state Rep. William Rehm, (R-Albuqerque) sought to expand the state’s existing driving […]

Rewards help people in treatment, new study says

It’s easy to forget that alcohol is a drug. Buying alcohol – in most states, anyway – is as simple as walking into a store and presenting some form of ID … if the clerk remembers to ask. Unlike most other abused drugs, alcohol is openly consumed at major events, with meals and among friends. […]

Alcohol destroys immune system, warns NIH

Alcohol consumption, even short-term alcohol misuse, can have devastating effects on almost every single organ and system of the user, including the immune system. In 2015, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) recognized the devastating effects of alcohol on the immune system and issued a warning about the link between immune system […]

Study says exercise can help overcome methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms

For those addicted to methamphetamine, getting clean is a daunting task. The effect of one dose of crystal meth can last for up to 12 hours, and a binge on the drug can keep the user awake for days, even a week or more. This reverses the body’s sleep cycle, and for people trying to […]

Combined use of substances leads to increased risk of suicide, study shows

Toxicology reports show that individuals who commit suicide are often under the effects of multiple substances. These results present a sharp contrast to individuals who die in motor vehicle accidents where, typically, one substance – alcohol – is involved. New Mexico MVCs and suicides A study of 346 New Mexico residents who died in 2012 […]

Sovereign Health of El Paso invites you to our Feb. 7 open house
Posted in Treatment

First opened in January 2016, Sovereign Health’s El Paso treatment facility is celebrating our one year anniversary with an open house. Taking place on Tuesday, Feb. 7, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., the festivities include a luncheon and prize raffle. Tours of the 60-bed facility will also be offered. Additionally, Sovereign Health Chief Clinical […]

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