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People substituting heroin with cocaine
Posted in Cocaine

The opioid epidemic in the United States has another face to it. Rising cases of opioid overdose have instilled fear in those who misuse prescription medications. This has resulted in increasing number of people turning toward cocaine, unmindful of its adverse effects. Ohio is among the worst-affected states in the country, media reports suggest. Officials […]

Houston in Texas spends the maximum on alcohol, says report
Posted in Addiction, Alcohol, detox

Alcohol is a legal drug but people fail to realize that it can be dangerous for both the body and mind. It is also the most widely used substance in the world. It is surprising to see how millions of gallons of alcohol are being consumed by states. A report by the Texas Alcohol Beverage […]

Residents of Texarkana, Arkansas in dilemma over medical marijuana as Texas talks tough
Posted in Addiction, Treatment

As Arkansas is gearing up to legalize medical marijuana, law enforcement officials in Texarkana, Texas insist that no Arkansas’ pot permission slips would get legal recognition across the border. This means that people with pot permission slips from Arkansas will be charged and apprehended for possession of drugs in Texarkana, Texas. Kenny Haskin, city manager […]

Bariatric surgery likely to increase patients’ risk of developing alcohol abuse problem, says study
Posted in Alcohol

The social media is flooded with advertisements of various ways and tools that can help in instant weight loss. While the reasons for weight gain may be different for each person, the struggle for weight loss may be similar in many cases. Many times, people resort to gastric bypass surgery to achieve their weight loss […]

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