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Substance abuse and ADHD may go hand in hand, say researchers
Posted in Dual diagnosis

Millions of people around the world suffer from a particular brain abnormality characterized by ongoing pattern of inability to pay attention and/or hyperactivity and impulsivity that impedes their functioning or development. Though it is common to lose focus or pay less attention or behave with sudden impulsivity, such symptoms are rather severe in ADHD patients. […]

Doorstep treatment for mental disorders, addiction helps reduce hospitalization, study finds
Posted in Dual diagnosis

It requires a great level of understanding to deal with mental health patients, more so if they are also battling a habit of substance abuse. Such patients often show reluctance in seeking the necessary treatment. A follow-up of such patients by using the expertise of a multidisciplinary unit of social workers may help lower the […]

Cases of NAS shoot as America’s opioid addiction menace continues
Posted in Addiction, Treatment

America’s opioid problem has been worsening by the year, with the drug overdose deaths rising rapidly. It has spared no section of the society, not even the newborns. What was initially designed to control pain has itself turned into a massive pain for the nation, making millions dependent on it, some willingly and some unwillingly. […]

Can medical marijuana replace opioids to treat pain? Yes, says Illinois study
Posted in Marijuana

As the United States struggles to check its rapidly growing drug overdose deaths, mostly by prescription drugs, heroin and highly potent opioid fentanyl, a recent study may help minimize the use of prescription painkillers. The study – “Preferences for Medical Marijuana over Prescription Medications Among Persons Living with Chronic Conditions: Alternative, Complementary, and Tapering Uses” […]

Texans armed with new interactive tool to find substance use prevention groups
Posted in Substance Abuse

People in Texas now have an interesting way to deal with their alcohol and drug addiction problems. The Texas Standing Tall (TST), a group formed to spread awareness about substance use problems, recently launched an interactive map that would help people find a better way of accessing alcohol and drug use prevention coalition groups across […]

Detox is insufficient on its own for complete recovery from addiction
Posted in Addiction

Detox treatment is an essential first step in getting rid of addiction to illicit substances. Addiction is an epidemic in the United States at the moment with increasing numbers of people falling prey to alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications and illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin. As the addiction problem continues to intensify, federal agencies are […]

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