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Recovery from an addiction or dual diagnosis issue is more than prescribing a medication and a few therapy sessions. The recovery process takes time and varies depending on the condition of the individual.

At Sovereign Health, we offer more than detox from addiction or sessions for mental health issues, we develop personalized treatment based on the individual’s needs. Upon admission, Sovereign Health conducts a thorough assessment of the patient’s background, family history and current condition, in order to develop the highest level of personalized care for the individual.

The future of a patient after recovery is also our focus during the treatment process, as patients learn the skills they will need to continue a healthy life after the program.

Individuals may become addicted to harmful substances which make each day seem impossible without said substance. Sovereign Health will not only detox the patient of the substance but also prepare the patient for a life of holistic wellness. The path to a better life begins with taking the first step toward treatment.

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Success Story
Success Story

“The therapy here helped me really look at myself and find that I am a strong individual that can deal with this and move forward in my life.”- Katie

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