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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month: Join rehab to kick addiction and reclaim life
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Nancy (name changed) knew that she had got addicted to drugs. She could clearly see the pain in her parents’ eyes and the fear that had engulfed her younger sister. Being the eldest, Nancy had always wanted to be a role model for her siblings. But now, she is alone in her bedroom stuck in a dilemma about whether to check into a rehab or not.

Nancy belongs to those group of people with addiction who face the fear and stress of going to a rehab. She had garnered enough strength to confess that she had been taking drugs for a long time. Now that doctors have recommended her to check into a rehab, her mind is inundated with fear of the painful treatment methods that she would have to undergo. Though the wish to recover from addiction problems tops the list of her priorities, the idea that she has to get rid of the substance seems petrifying.

Motivating addicted people to seek treatment

While families and friends keep motivating their loved ones to seek help from experts, people with an addiction find it difficult to do so. Some individuals addicted to alcohol/drugs struggle with the idea of seeking recovery or to enroll in a rehabilitation center. While people with an addiction may be averse to checking into a rehab for a variety of reasons, they need to understand that seeking recovery is an action that could change their lives forever.

Going to a rehab can be tough initially since patients have to undergo detoxification treatment to get rid of the substance and its harmful residues in various parts of their body. However, during the detox process, certified medical professionals help patients manage their symptoms of withdrawal that occur when they stop taking a harmful substance that they had been hooked on. The length and type of the detox process depend on the severity of addiction and the nature of the addictive substance.

Pledging to make America free of addiction problems 

Recovery from dependence on any substance is necessary. Asking people to observe this month with appropriate programs and activities, President Donald Trump has proclaimed September as the “National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month.” The presidential document by the Executive Office of the President reads, “Substance abuse robs Americans of their potential, shatters their families, and tears apart our communities. My Administration is committed to lifting our Nation from this tragic reality. Substance addiction affects people of every class, creed, and color. Together, however, we can fight drug and alcohol abuse. This month, we emphasize to all those suffering that recovery is possible.”

Keeping addiction problems at bay

Addiction problems are serious. According to data compiled by The New York Times, drug overdose deaths in 2016 were likely to exceed 59,000. Though the data is preliminary, it estimates that deaths rose by 19 percent over 52,404 recorded in 2015.

It is necessary to realize that the main idea of joining a rehab is to initiate a cycle of change from addiction to sobriety. Sovereign Health of Texas offers evidence-backed detox facilities to ensure complete recovery from addiction to alcohol or any other kind of addictive substance. Clinicians at the detox treatment centers at EL Paso strive to ensure that every patient has the best chance of a successful recovery. For more information, contact our 24/7 helpline or chat online for expert advice on our detoxification treatment in Texas.

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