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Detox is insufficient on its own for complete recovery from addiction
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Detox treatment is an essential first step in getting rid of addiction to illicit substances. Addiction is an epidemic in the United States at the moment with increasing numbers of people falling prey to alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications and illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin. As the addiction problem continues to intensify, federal agencies are struggling to make available more recovery resources like health care centers, detox facilities, etc., to meet the growing demand for treatment.

Detoxification involves a series of processes aimed at ridding the body of toxic substances. However, experts say that subjecting a patient to detox treatment only may not be enough. Clinical practitioners must make available customized programs tailored to meet each patient’s needs with recourse to inpatient or outpatient care as required.

Understanding detoxification

Excessive consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs for prolonged periods can result in chemical imbalances in the brain. Detox, whether advised on an inpatient or outpatient basis, involves three stages that include evaluation, stabilization and transition to treatment. The entire process is conducted under medical supervision owing to potential withdrawal symptoms that patients may suffer from. The common withdrawal symptoms that patients exhibit are:

  • Intense cravings for the drug
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Ache in muscles or parts of body
  • Unease and anxiousness
  • Concentration problems or trouble in focusing on issues at hand
  • Lack of appetite

Experts advise against going completely “cold turkey.” This is because suddenly quitting the drug without medical supervision can prove to be life-threatening. Post the detox process, physicians recommend that patients should seek treatment at a rehabilitation center. Limiting treatment to seeking detox only is not enough; a comprehensive treatment option at a rehabilitation center containing state-of-the-art facilities and executing innovative methods to treat dependence problems is imperative. While the detox process can help in getting rid of the physical dependence on drugs and alcohol, patients somehow find it difficult to get their minds off those substances they had been used to.

Enrolling in a reliable recovery center ensures complete physiological and psychological independence from the effects of addictive substances. Such a treatment plan goes to the root of the addiction problem, addressing the behaviors or thinking patterns that push a person towards drugs. In addition, it helps rid the patient of the possibility of relapse or the comorbidity of behavioral disorders characteristic of addiction.

Seeking recovery

Indulgence in any kind of illicit substance can cause most people to get hooked on them regardless of the disastrous effects. While the detox process may not be easy, it is imperative to ensure complete recovery. Experts deem it mandatory as no treatment can commence without expelling the toxins from the body. Detox prepares the brain or body to function sans the effects of addictive substances.

Sovereign Health of Texas offers evidence-based detox program in El Paso to ensure complete recovery from addiction to any kind of addictive substances. Clinicians at our detox facilities in Texas strive to ensure that every patient has the best chance of a successful recovery. For more information, contact our 24/7 helpline or chat online for expert advice on our detox treatment centers that offer a full spectrum of services aimed at patients’ complete recovery. One must not delay treatment or things can go out of hand.

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