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Houston in Texas spends the maximum on alcohol, says report
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Alcohol is a legal drug but people fail to realize that it can be dangerous for both the body and mind. It is also the most widely used substance in the world. It is surprising to see how millions of gallons of alcohol are being consumed by states. A report by the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC), published in June 2017, revealed that Texans reportedly consumed roughly 55 million gallons of alcohol in May 2017.

An examination of beverage receipts from the Texas Comptroller’s Office shows which Texas cities may have accounted for such heavy alcohol sale. An evaluation of the first-quarter mixed beverage tax receipts between January and March 2017, revealed that Houston recorded the highest alcohol sale of $233 million. According to experts one of the reasons for this could be the fact that the city has the highest population in Texas.

Next in line in terms of alcohol sales stood Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. San Antonio clocked alcohol sales worth $106 million. The details provided by the TABC were based on “per capita consumption” of four different groups – ale, beer, wine and distilled spirits.

The TABC report said that in May 2017, alcohol sales in Houston were roughly $233,315,800, while that of Dallas were $134,307,500. Alcohol sales in Austin were $141,126,300 as against $106,312,500 in San Antonio and $48,764,900 in Fort Worth. The total alcohol consumption in Texas amounted to 57,390,914 gallons, including 3,262,063 gallons of distilled spirits, 4,567,998 gallons of wine, 42,816,237 gallons of beer and 6,744,616 gallons of ale. A comparison of alcohol consumption figures in the previous months showed that Texans had consumed 7 million gallons less beer in May than in April.

Prior studies have indicated how a heavy drinking habit can adversely affect the neurobehavioral processes in heavy drinkers. Incessant and frequent heavy drinking leaving one intoxicated can cause cellular alterations in the brain, thus, affecting one’s sensitivity to the effects of alcohol. This may result in impaired judgment, thus, resulting in heavy drinkers resorting to being involved in unnecessary risky activities.

Choose sobriety over addiction

Addiction to anything can be bad, be it alcohol or any other kind of illicit substance. Unbridled dependence on substances can result in people getting hooked on them without understanding the side effects, thus, necessitating timely intervention. For those abusing alcohol, doctors recommend them to go through detoxification first. Detoxification helps in ridding the body of the toxins that may have accumulated in the body. Once the detox process is completed, patients are advised to initiate the treatment process with a clean state.

Detoxification is fraught with numerous challenges, including experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that may be life threatening. Detox process can be painful and dangerous as the patients tend to relapse and hence physicians prescribe professional medical monitoring. Common withdrawal symptoms may include fast-paced heartbeat, high blood pressure, fever, nausea, headache, excessive sweating, erratic mood swings, extreme anxiousness, feeling of confusion, agitation and frequent seizures. Detox can be the most painful step during the entire addiction treatment process since the body struggles to function without its dose of alcohol.

The Sovereign Health of Texas offers evidence-backed detox facilities to ensure complete recovery from addiction to alcohol or any other kind of addictive substance. Clinicians at the Center strive to ensure that every patient has the best chance of a successful recovery. For more information, contact our 24/7 helpline or chat online for expert advice on our detox treatment centers. One must not delay treatment or things can spiral out of hand.

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