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John Skipper reveals real reason behind his exit as ESPN president
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John Skipper, the former ESPN president, has revealed the real reason behind his abrupt resignation in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. After serving Disney for 27 years and ESPN for six years, his glorious life was put to dust due to drug addiction. Skipper said that just before his resignation, he had purchased cocaine from someone who then threatened to extort him. He immediately understood that his personal problem could have put his family and professional life at immense risk and after discussing with Disney CEO Bob Iger, he decided to resign.

While the then ESPN chief had resigned in December 2017 citing the need to “take care of my problem,” he admitted that his addiction never had any impact on his professional life. He never did cocaine on the job and was always careful. He upheld the common belief that recreational drugs are never dangerous. When the news of his resignation and addiction became public, he decided to seek treatment.

From regret to realization

Skipper has profound regret for being careless and having poor judgment. He accepted full responsibility of his actions and for acting “very foolishly.” According to him, there was no other option but to leave the job he has loved all his life. He realized that it was inappropriate for the president of ESPN and an officer of The Walt Disney Co. to be associated with such a disgrace. It also made him realize that his drug use was a problem that he needed to address.

Talking about his treatment, Skipper accepted that while he entered rehab and underwent therapy, it was not easy for him to accept all that. He confessed being “a Southerner tightly wound with traditional values, I have not necessarily been comfortable reflecting.” However, post-therapy he has realized that taking care of oneself is a lifelong process. He has had an opportunity to not use the substance for a long period of time and now has the resources to help him. He hopes to return to work in media soon.

Recovery from addiction an ongoing journey

Cocaine is an intense, euphoria-producing stimulant drug that is popularly used as a recreational drug. In addition to being psychologically addictive and dangerous, long-term use can lead to intense drug cravings, agitation and exhaustion. It can also lead to severe physical and mental health issues like depression, respiratory failure, drug tolerance, dependence and addiction. It is recommended to seek treatment at the earliest at a certified rehab center catering to individual needs. Comprehensive treatment at good cocaine rehab centers may consist of a medically supervised detoxification process followed by behavioral therapies or counseling sessions.

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