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Meth addiction on the rise among borderland mothers of El Paso
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Karleth Acosta (name changed) is a young mother addicted to methamphetamine (meth) since teen years. She even took the drug during both her pregnancies. She doesn’t even pay heed to the advice offered by health care workers as she is mostly high. It’s an “urge as big as how much I love my children,” she confesses. Despite trying hard, she is unable to overcome it.

Meth use among Texas borderland mothers is on the rise, probably due to an increased production and supply of the drug from Juarez cartels. According to Third Judicial District Attorney in New Mexico Mark D’Antonio, meth use has skyrocketed among parents and it’s not possible for his team to put every mother or father behind the bars. According to his office, after a minor drop in 2016, the cases of child abuse and abandonment escalated in 2017. Section 30-6-1 of New Mexico Statute corresponds to child abandonment and abuse.

Section J refers to cases where a child has been exposed to meth; however, most of the accused were charged with either section E or D pertaining to child endangerment. New Mexico’s Governor Susana Martinez stated that since it is cheap and easily available, more and more people are falling prey to meth use. She also stated that its use during pregnancy can have long-lasting effects on the child. “The behavior of that parent is what caused the baby to be born addicted,” she added. She also suggested that parents who expose their children to meth should be facing stricter penalties. Watching a child struggling with the withdrawal symptoms of heroin or meth abuse could be the most disturbing view and it happens just because of the negligent behavior of his/her parents.

Young mothers like Acosta often do not get attracted to drugs by choice. They get it from their partners who abuse them emotionally and physically but the abuse is little compared to the high one gets from the drug. The urge to use the drug is sometimes so strong that some women may even turn to prostitution to fund her supply of drug.

Risks of meth abuse

The rock-like crystal form of meth is known as crystal meth which is semi-transparent, white or blue in color. It’s a stimulant that’s heavily abused by Americans of all age groups in rave parties. Usually, it is first heated and then smoked via a glass pipe and less frequently, it is crushed into a powder form and then snorted or injected. When smoked, the drug reaches the bloodstream quite fast, exacerbating the chances of an addiction. Once the drug enters blood, it travels to the brain and almost instantly, causes euphoric effects, increased energy level and alertness. The initial rush lasts for up to 30 minutes, generating improved sense of confidence and motivation among users. The effects can last for nearly 12 hours.

Unfortunately, the high often paves way for undesirable side effects like loss of appetite, weight loss, increase in blood pressure, mood swings, unpredictable demeanor, disturbed sleeping patterns, irregular heartbeat, convulsions and much more. Long-term use may induce feelings of suicide, homicide, anxiety, paranoia and insomnia. Some people abuse the drug to achieve higher metabolism and lose weight. Some also abuse cocaine as it increases libido. Persistent use of cocaine can damage blood vessels and tissues, and affect immunity leading to skin rashes, acne, ageing and tooth decay.

Road to recovery

The long-term effects of cocaine abuse could be hallucinations, delusions, depression, stroke and even coma. To overcome addiction and save oneself from destroying health and life, users must seek timely intervention at the best meth rehab centers.

A leading addiction, mental health and co-occurring disorders treatment provider in the United States, Sovereign Health offers patients first-class facilities and front-line expertise to overcome their meth addiction. For more information on our state-of-the-art methamphetamine detox treatment centers across the country, call our 24/7 helpline number or chat online with an advisor. Our credible meth detox facilities promises to be a world of absolute peace and a life-changing experience.

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