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Overdose not the only cause of death among people with meth addiction, says study
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More and more Americans are falling prey to methamphetamine abuse. This is evident from the United States Sentencing Commission data revealing that meth has resulted in more offenses than any other illicit drug. People take methamphetamine by smoking or inhaling the drug, swallowing its pills or injecting the substance by mixing it in water or alcohol. As the effect of the drug tends to fade quickly, individuals addicted to meth start taking frequent doses to continue to be on a high.

While small doses of meth can result in increased physical activity, reduced appetite, increased rate of heartbeat and high blood pressure, overdose of the drug may result in death. Meth overdose cases result in deaths of many people every year. However, a new study suggests that the cause of death among people addicted to meth is not limited to overdose only.

Effects of meth use

The study examined 1,649 cases of death related to meth use in Australia between 2009 and 2015. Researchers found that 43 percent of the death were due to drug toxicity and overdose. However, 22 percent were caused by diseases related to meth use, primarily heart ailment. In 15 percent of cases, death was caused by injuries acquired by meth users during road accidents. Besides, 300 deaths took place as a result of suicide, the study said.

Examination of the effects of methamphetamine revealed that heart diseases included damaged heart muscles, arterial blockages and strains on the cardiovascular system. Evaluation of other effects include suicidal thoughts that may be attributed to violent acts linked to aggravation, hostility and tendencies of vehement behavior. Moreover, like other drugs, driving under the influence of meth use can result in road accidents

“Without increased awareness of the connection between methamphetamine use and cardiac and/or cardiovascular disease, we could expect to see a significant increase in cases of this kind in the coming years,” said lead author Shane Darke from the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Why meth?

The suggestions are pursuant to findings of various studies that indicate risk factors of meth use include cardiovascular diseases, stroke and other physiological problems. The observations highlight the need to expand understanding of the causes of deaths due to dependence on the drug. Moreover, long-term meth use may also social and mental health problems including paranoia, grievous form of anxiety problems and insomnia. In addition, meth use has been associated with suicidal tendencies or homicide among its users, along with impaired critical judgement.

Those dependent on meth use the drug for the following reasons:

  • A strong initial rush that may exist for half an hour.
  • Increased motivation to attain goals.
  • Greater confidence or feelings of improved intellect and increased potential to solve problems.

Recovery from addiction

People may start using drugs for many reasons. It is necessary to realize that addiction to drugs or dependence on them does not happen at the first instance. Continued use of any kind of drug or the tendency to use the drug in conjunction with other illicit substances increases the risk of dependence in addition to manifestation of other harmful and hazardous effects.

Myriad known and unknown effects of meth necessitate the need to focus on ways to prevent its abuse. Sovereign Health of Texas understands the plight of someone suffering from addiction to methamphetamine or any other illegal substance. Our addiction treatment centers in Texas make use of individualized treatment plans to tailor the specific needs of every patient. You may contact our 24/7 helpline or chat with one of our online representatives to learn more about our drug addiction programs.

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