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Residents of Texarkana, Arkansas in dilemma over medical marijuana as Texas talks tough
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As Arkansas is gearing up to legalize medical marijuana, law enforcement officials in Texarkana, Texas insist that no Arkansas’ pot permission slips would get legal recognition across the border. This means that people with pot permission slips from Arkansas will be charged and apprehended for possession of drugs in Texarkana, Texas.

Kenny Haskin, city manager of Texarkana, Arkansas, said how interested marijuana growers and sellers were reaching out to him on a day-to-day basis to enquire about the local regulations in one of the state’s most unique marketplaces for weed, as the definition of legal and illegal possession of weed depends completely on a border line, media reports said.

Explaining the uncertain outlook toward the drug, Haskin added, “The inquiries here, for whatever reason, are extremely, extremely aggressive. They are coming in from all over the country.” The disparity concerning the legal status of weed within the state is conspicuous at a time when the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission on June 30, 2017, started accepting applications to grow and sell the drug. Post the end of the application period on Sep. 18, 2017, Arkansas officials plan to grant a license to 32 dispensaries and five cultivation facilities in the state. Legal permission to buy medical marijuana in Arkansas is expected sometime early in the coming year.

Within the state of Arkansas, cities have variant approaches to the medical marijuana industry. While some cities have imposed long-term prohibitions on all businesses related to pot, some allow marijuana sale and purchase to flourish. A few, however, show no interest in marijuana businesses and prefer to adhere to state laws regarding punishments to marijuana dealers.

Cross-border problem

The border between Texas and Arkansas is not absolute with portions of some offices straddling the line dividing the two states. This puts people residing in the border cities in a tricky situation regarding the disparity of laws governing pot legalization. However, the situation is more complex in Arkansas’ Texarkana, which shares a street and even its name with its Texas counterpart. Notably, possession of marijuana is still deemed illegal under the state laws in Texas.

Under the new regulations designed under Arkansas law, patients and caregivers qualified to purchase medical marijuana would be allowed to buy up to 2.5 ounces of pot every two weeks. Receipt of medical cards issued by the Arkansas Health Department will, however, not grant the right to purchase medicinal marijuana in Texas. Shawn Vaughn, a spokesperson for the Texarkana, Texas Police Department, said, “From our perspective, it’s still illegal in any shape, form or fashion in Texas. Anybody who has marijuana, medical or otherwise, in their possession would be subject to arrest in Texas.”

Recovery from marijuana addiction

Despite public opinion swaying in favor of marijuana, the simple fact that it is not a benign drug cannot be ignored. What remains noteworthy is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has neither recognized nor approved the therapeutic value of marijuana. It continues to be classified as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act owing to the high potential for abuse.

In the recent years, the harmful effects of marijuana are becoming increasingly apparent. Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the neurotoxin present in marijuana, is the main reason why individuals are unable to discontinue its use despite the negative impact on their lives. Some researches suggest that early exposure to cannabinoids, just like alcohol and nicotine, could alter the brain’s reward system by creating a dopamine rush, which can lead to addiction.

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