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San Antonio police raid major drug ring

In a joint operation with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), San Antonio police raided the homes of several members of the Tango Orejon/Tango Blast street gang. The raids netted numerous firearms and over six kilos of methamphetamine.

The feds step in

The Jan. 12 raid was the first high-profile raid of the New Year. Last November, 700 officers from different agencies conducted a massive raid across Indiana. Over 40 people were arrested. Officers confiscated roughly $400,000 in drugs and weapons. Last June, police in Brocton, Massachusetts, conducted a similar raid. Authorities seized 70 guns and nearly 2 kilograms of cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin.

DEA drug seizures/arrests

On its website, the DEA maintains statistics on the type and amount of drugs seized each year. In 2014, the Administration seized 33,777 kilograms of cocaine, 1,020 kilograms of heroin, 74,225 kilograms of marijuana, 2,946 kilograms of meth and 48,970 kilograms of hallucinogens. That year, the DEA made over 30,000 arrests. In 2013, the Administration seized 24,103 kilograms of cocaine, 1,044 kilograms of heroin, 270,823 kilograms of marijuana, 4,227 kilograms of meth and 119,507 kilograms of hallucinogens. In 2013, the Administration arrested over 31,000 individuals.

The DEA also maintains annual statistics on meth lab seizures (incidents). In 2014, there were over 9,000 incidents nationwide. This represents a decrease of nearly 3,000 from the year prior. 2014 was the first time in five years that the number of incidents dipped below 10,000.

Global display of drug interdictions

The website Drugs maintains a real-time map of drug interdictions across the globe. The map of the U.S. shows most interdictions occur in southern and eastern states. The map identifies the drugs seized by the first letter. For example, placing the cursor over a large black and white H on the map opens a popup that reads, “PENNSYLVANIA: Bricks of Heroin Apprehended in Dramatic Drug Bust.” The map reports drug seizures nationally and internationally.

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About the author

Darren Fraser is a staff writer for Sovereign Health. He worked two and half years as a reporter and researcher for The Yomiuri Shimbun until they realized he did not read, speak or write Japanese and fired him. Undeterred, he channels his love of research into unearthing stories that provide hope to those dealing with addiction and mental illness. Darren loves the Montreal Canadiens hockey club and horror films and would prefer to enjoy these from the comforts of his family’s farm in Quebec. For more information about this media, contact the author at

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