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Tips to cut down on alcohol during Christmas
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There is a unique charm in waiting for the Christmas and then when it finally arrives, celebrating it will full zest and joy. It is the best time of the year when everyone is lost in the festivity and let themselves lose. People visit their hometowns, savor sumptuous delicacies, decorate homes, meet friends, attend Church services and raise a toast. Drinking is a norm during Christmas. But for someone who is trying to cut back, the holiday period could be overwhelmingly sad. Some people accept drinks to ‘fit in’ and feel that declining a request will make them look standoffish. However, with some planning, one can navigate through the festival without getting drunk.

Here are some tips, which can help a person indulge in the festivity, and at the same time, keep a track of their alcohol consumption:

  1. Put it in writing: One must put on paper all the reasons for cutting back on alcohol like the ability to sleep better, feeling healthier, improving relationships, etc., and paste it at a place from where it is comfortably seen like on the bedroom walls or a cupboard to serve as a reminder and constant source of motivation.
  2. Set up a drinking goal: This can help a person avoid getting drunk and passing out. One should set the goal well in advance so that he/she gets prepared mentally. If one has set up a goal of one glass of wine per day, then one should stick to it. If the temptation persists then one may reach for the second one but only on a single occasion. Drinking mindlessly and going with the flow can increase one’s chance of getting inebriated.
  3. Never consume alcohol on empty stomach: Consuming alcohol on an empty stomach can produce deleterious effects on the mind and body because alcohol gets absorbed at a much higher rate when a person is on empty stomach. It is important to eat before and at the time of drinking so that the level of alcohol rises slowly in blood.
  4. Drink slowly and focus on non-alcoholic beverages: It is important to drink leisurely and not in a hurry because drinking fast might lead to binge drinking and vomiting. One should also take non-alcoholic beverages in between so that the consumption of alcohol is limited and one does not get high.
  5. Learn to say no firmly, yet politely: When one has reached his or her limit, it is important to decline drinks from friends and family members. It is okay to say no and firmly decline the offer in a polite and pleasing tone so that the other person does not get offended.
  6. Connect with the support system: When one is at home during the holiday season, one must stay grounded by keeping in touch with the online as well as offline support groups. These support groups can turn out to be a great source of motivation when one is craving for drinks.
  7. Reaching out for professional support: Taking alcohol mindlessly can cause a relapse or inebriation. If one continues to drink heavily throughout the holidays, then one might develop tolerance, dependence or addiction to

Treatment for alcohol-related problems

Drinking can ruin one’s personal relationships, performance, physical health, and finances, and can increase the susceptibility of a person to adopt risky behavior like drunk driving or unsafe sex. Keeping self-restraint is the best bet in remaining sane during the festival and leading a healthy life even afterwards. But if it’s hard to control the cravings, one should seek professional support at the earliest.

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