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Zero tolerance for alcohol: Furlough Middle School bans open containers and fast food drinks

Students at the Furlough Middle School (FMS) have been asked not to bring open containers and fast food drinks on campus anymore. With several incidents of school students carrying alcohol in open containers and water bottles inside the premises, Principal Jay Thompson issued a letter to all parents citing “zero tolerance for this behavior”. Students will only be allowed to buy drinks from the cafeteria or use water fountains located on the campus. Calling the incident as “intolerable”, Thompson has warned violators of a disciplinary action and an investigation by the Terrell ISD Police Department that might lead to the filing of potential criminal charges.

In his letter, Thompson warned the parents and guardians of the illegal activity by students who choose to make “poor decisions”. The letter also informed them that such students will be disciplined in accordance with the “Student Code of Conduct.” In addition, the principal applauded students who came forward to report the activity and has encouraged other students to “talk to a teacher or school administrator” if they come across any “inappropriate behavior,” with the assurance that the student’s identity and the information will be kept confidential.

Schools can play a key role in preventing alcohol- and drug-related problems. Active measures by the school authorities can help prevent or delay early use of addictive substances among students and reduce short- and long-term adverse effects. In addition to school-based prevention and awareness programs, harm minimization strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with alcohol and drug use should also be part of the school curriculum.

Underage drinking and its pitfalls

Alcohol continues to be the most widely consumed and abused substance by underage youth. According to federal statistics, in 2016 about 7.3 million people (aged 12 to 20) reported drinking in the past month, including 1.1 million people who were heavy users and 4.5 million binge alcohol users. Teens drink alcohol for a variety of reasons, ranging from peer influence, curiosity and stress to academic pressure. Often seen as a means to escape, drinking during those years can be detrimental to the brain. Underage drinking has become a leading public health problem in the United States.

Youth who misuse substances, such as alcohol and drugs early in life, are at greater risk of a number of short- and long-term negative health consequences, including chronic physical ailments, mental health problems, addiction, brain damage, suicide and self-harm behavior. Additionally, drinking too much can put adolescents at high risk for injuries and accidents, unplanned sex, poor judgment and decision-making ability, and poor performance at school or college as well as in later life. To prevent alcoholism and its negative health consequences that continue into adulthood, adolescents habitual to drinking require professional alcohol addiction treatment at certified rehab centers.

Path to sobriety

A leading addiction, mental and behavioral health rehabilitation center, Sovereign Health of El Paso in Texas specializes in treating substance abuse and co-occurring disorders among adolescents aged 12 to 17 years. The state-of-the-art facility offers patients with comprehensive and individualized treatment in a serene environment, perfect for reflection and contemplation. In addition to medication-based recovery plan, we also provide therapeutic activities, such as mindfulness meditation and breathing techniques, along with counseling. To learn more about our treatment programs or locate our finest alcohol treatment centers, call the 24/7 helpline number or chat online with an expert.

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