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In relationships, binge drinking can be contagious

What makes people drink too much – work pressure, financial trouble or grief? In some cases, it might be their significant other. A recent study by the Dalhousie University (DU) in Canada suggested that the influence couples have over each other might extend to drinking habit as well. When consumed in moderate amounts, alcohol can […]

Combined use of substances leads to increased risk of suicide, study shows

Toxicology reports show that individuals who commit suicide are often under the effects of multiple substances. These results present a sharp contrast to individuals who die in motor vehicle accidents where, typically, one substance – alcohol – is involved. New Mexico MVCs and suicides A study of 346 New Mexico residents who died in 2012 […]

More people die by suicide than homicide in Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma, has a population of around 400,000 and is known for its Art Deco architecture. It is part of a largely rural state in the South Central U.S. that is known for many things, including the land rush of the 1880s, the longest stretch of old Route 66, its famous zoo, the National Cowboy […]

The dangers of moving as a child
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Moving as an adult is stressful. Moving as a child or an adolescent can be world-changing. New schools, new friends and new environments can all result in quite the psychological blow, especially when compounded with puberty and other adolescent struggles. But how bad is it really? A research team asked this question and published the […]

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