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600 pounds of meth candies worth $1 million seized in Texas
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There is no dearth of ingenuity among drug traffickers looking to market and sell their products. This is evident from a recent haul of meth-laced lollipops that Texas police found in a candy maker’s home during a drug bust on June 12. In response to a burglary call, the police in Harris County raided the house and seized roughly 600 pounds of colorful lollipops worth about $1 million. Authorities found the brightly colored lollipops and other candies molded into various shapes such as flowers, butterflies and characters of Batman and Star Wars.

Officers from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) stormed into the house after receiving a call from some concerned residents who suspected a burglary in their neighbor’s property, media reports said. The officers found two persons scrambling to stuff the drugs into the trunk of their car. In addition to bags filled with meth lollipops, the police also discovered items including molds, funnels, pots, measuring devices and chemicals used to make them.

The police have identified the duo as Evonne Mick and David Salinas. While a detailed investigation into manufacture and sales of the drugs is still awaited, the authorities suggest that the arrested persons had come to steal the drugs and may not have been involved in their manufacturing. “I don’t believe these two people were the actual people making them. The other part of our investigation is going to be trying to figure out who’s actually making them,” an HCSO official said.

Were the drug-laced lollipops for children?

Though the initial course of examination suggests that children were being targeted, experts have a different view. Bill Piper from the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) explained, “It’s easy for people to fall for this marketing to children because there’s this misconception that drug dealers are standing on the street corner handing out free drugs. Adults don’t want nasty-tasting stuff either. We especially find in the flavored meth, a lot of that turned out to be flavoring for adults.” This is in purview of the fact that smugglers find it a lot easier to illegally transport meth in candy form as opposed to its raw crystalline form.

This is not the first kind of drug haul by the state police. The news of meth candies being sold and purchased openly only indicates the extent to which these drugs are in demand in the U.S. In April 2016, a lone teenager from California was caught snorting meth from what looked like a candy during his school lunch break. While traffickers continue to apply the art of creativity to drug marketing methods, the police are also gearing up with new innovative ways to nab them to prevent drug abuse.

Detoxifying from drug abuse

Addiction to illicit drugs is a major problem in Texas. However, addiction to harmful drugs can be treated with timely medical intervention. If a person is grappling with substance abuse, he/she should immediately seek professional help from a reputed rehab center. Remember that substance use disorders can have life-threatening consequences if left untreated. Clinicians advise detoxification as the first step to get rid of dependence on illicit substances.

Sovereign Health of El Paso, Texas, offers all kinds of detox program for treating drug abuse. Abstinence from drugs can cause the patients to relapse and hence, it is imperative that they undergo programs advised at detox facilities. Call our 24/7 helpline or chat online with one of our representatives for more information on treatment for substance abuse. Timely treatment can help avoid other complications arising from addiction.

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