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Johnny Manziel hopes to return to NFL after overcoming bipolar disorder, alcoholism
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Diagnosed with bipolar disorder a year ago, former quarterback (QB) Johnny Manziel is hoping to make a pro football comeback. The goal of his comeback is to ultimately return to the National Football League (NFL). In an interview with “Good Morning America,” the Heisman Trophy-winning QB admitted of being diagnosed with bipolar depression about a year ago, for which he is currently on medication. The former QB also revealed that in order to get out of his depression, he resorted to self-medication with alcohol. The former Cleveland Browns QB has blamed depression for the substance abuse and the erratic behavior that led him out of the NFL in 2015.

According to Manziel, he started self-medicating with alcohol as he thought that alcohol made him happy and was helping him get out of his mental illness. However, as per the ex-footballer, the alcohol effects would wear off the next morning and leave him “staring at the ceiling” all by himself. Once again pushed into depression, he would think about all the mistakes made in the past. Making his mental health a priority, Manziel finally reached out for professional support. While the ex-footballer agreed that his mental illness was behind his ouster from the NFL, the support received from his family and fiancée was the key to getting his life back together.

Partying lifestyle and trivial daily activities made him ‘miserable’

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, the 25-year-old player spoke about experiencing the sense of entitlement for his accomplishments during his days as a footballer. At that time, he only cared about what he wanted, what mattered to him and what made him happy. According to Manziel, he saw how his lifestyle of partying and drinking affected those around him. Additionally, he became aware of the “trickle-down effects” of his various insignificant daily activities on his personal and professional life.

Manziel, the first freshman to win the Heisman when playing at Texas A&M, was cut after two NFL seasons due to poor play and frequent drinking and partying. Though the footballer entered rehab shortly before his release from the team in 2015, he continued to use alcohol in his long battle with depression. According to Manziel, his rehab gave him the time to reflect, mature and get clean.

Rebuilding career and returning to football

While Manziel remains unsure of what his return to football would look like, the ex-football player remains intent on rebuilding what was once a promising career for him. According to Manziel, “I don’t know what kind of comeback it will be, but I know I want to get back on a football field, to what brought me so much joy in my life.” Besides his loved ones noticing significant behavioral changes in him, he remains determined over their sustenance in the long-term.

The troubled QB also revealed that any successful return to the field must start with improving himself off the field. The ex-footballer has now made health his priority and has confessed to being regular with the medicines prescribed. He has also displayed commitment toward his treatment to avoid falling back into the dark abyss of depression. In addition to taking his medication and staying sober, Manziel has launched his own clothing line.

Road to recovery

Dual diagnosis, a term used for someone experiencing mental illness and substance use problem simultaneously, is a complex disorder best treated at a certified rehab center through an integrated treatment methodology focusing on both mental illness and substance abuse at the same time.

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