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Report links recreational cannabis to high pedestrian deaths in US
Posted in Marijuana

For the second straight year, pedestrian fatalities in the United States remained high at about 6,000 in 2017, according to the preliminary data released recently by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). Significantly, the GHSA report finds that pedestrian deaths increased sharply in states that had legalized marijuana for recreational use, whereas the number of […]

Teens arrested for trying to smuggle marijuana worth $1 million
Posted in Marijuana

In the latest cross-border drug bust by the U.S. Border Patrol, two teenagers, including a juvenile, have been arrested for trying to smuggle weed with an estimated street value of nearly $1 million. According to the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office, the duo is charged with narcotics smuggling. The packages obtained have been handed over […]

“4/20” linked to increase in fatal vehicle crashes by new study
Posted in Marijuana, Research

In most of the driving-related fatalities in the United States, alcohol happens to be the main cause, though other drugs like marijuana also play an important role. However, it is difficult to directly link marijuana use with one’s driving abilities as the drug is often used in combination with alcohol. In addition, the driver’s age […]

Texas opens first medical marijuana dispensary, but brownies, gummy lovers need to wait
Posted in Addiction, Marijuana

Texas recently opened its first cannabis dispensary. However, unlike other American states where one can find marijuana to toke, the cannabis available at this dispensary is strictly meant for medicinal purposes. If someone expects pot brownies or a marijuana blunt, they are unlikely to find it here. The Compassionate Cultivation dispensary, located in Austin, serves […]

CBD products gaining popularity in US

Cannabis is one of the most discussed drugs in the United States. Banned at the federal level, marijuana is subject to state-specific laws across the country. While 29 states and the District of Columbia permit weed for medical purposes, nine states and the District of Columbia allow its recreational use. Besides, there are 18 states […]

Canadian marijuana company Aphria sells stocks in US venture
Posted in Marijuana

In a move to reduce its investments in the United States, Aphria Inc. has inked a deal to sell part of its stake in Liberty Health Sciences Inc. While the Leamington, Ont.-based company has decided to sell 26.7 million shares at a price of $1.25 per share, it will continue to retain a 28.1 percent […]

4-year-old rescued from meth lab

Authorities at Harris County recently gave a new lease of life to a little boy by saving him from a drug-infested cavern. The four-year old boy was coerced to sleep in a closet with illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine (meth) and marijuana in a west Harris County home in Texas. The child’s mother, April Burrier, […]

Pot use tied to high sexual frequency, says study
Posted in Marijuana

Amid the soaring demand for marijuana legalization across the United States, a new study has suggested a positive link between sex and pot use. The study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine has pointed how weed smokers are more inclined to have sex with greater frequency compared to those who do not […]

Can medical marijuana replace opioids to treat pain? Yes, says Illinois study
Posted in Marijuana

As the United States struggles to check its rapidly growing drug overdose deaths, mostly by prescription drugs, heroin and highly potent opioid fentanyl, a recent study may help minimize the use of prescription painkillers. The study – “Preferences for Medical Marijuana over Prescription Medications Among Persons Living with Chronic Conditions: Alternative, Complementary, and Tapering Uses” […]

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