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600 pounds of meth candies worth $1 million seized in Texas
Posted in detox

There is no dearth of ingenuity among drug traffickers looking to market and sell their products. This is evident from a recent haul of meth-laced lollipops that Texas police found in a candy maker’s home during a drug bust on June 12. In response to a burglary call, the police in Harris County raided the […]

El Paso task force to check rising opioid abuse in Texas

The opioid epidemic raging across the country is forcing the United States to look for ways and means to overcome the growing problem of prescription drug abuse and its devastating consequences. Various agencies and organizations at different levels are trying their best to design measures to combat the issue. Taking the opioid problem in Texas […]

State attorneys general order investigation into marketing and production practices of drug manufacturers
Posted in Addiction

Considering that deaths by opioids exceeded the deaths caused by any other disorder and the fact that prescription medications have fueled the addiction epidemic in the United States, state attorneys belonging to the two opposing parties have jointly announced a probe into the marketing and sales practices of drug companies producing opioids. The announcement made […]

PTSD Awareness Month: Patients battling PTSD and addiction find hope in NAD therapy
Posted in PTSD

Human resilience plays an important role in protecting man from becoming a victim of trauma resulting from any kind of painful experience or that involving danger and threat. Though not all experiences leave a permanent imprint on the mind, certain incidents can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a mental health problem characterized by unwarranted […]

International Men’s Health Week: Exercise can help men fight back depression
Posted in Depression

The society, in general, depicts men to be stoic who can take on all the hardships of life without being affected by it. The presence of any kind of mental disorder in men is considered a taboo by many which prevent many men from coming forward to seek help concerning their emotional problems. Depression is […]

National Safety Month: Future police cadets in Texas to undergo crisis intervention training to handle people with mental illnesses
Posted in Mental Health

The atmosphere at one’s workplace and work pressure can have an adverse impact on one’s mental health. Though this is true for most professions but especially so for those working in armed forces or law enforcement agencies where one has to perform in dangerous and demanding conditions sometimes. Various incidents of police officers in Texas […]

Lack of mental health facilities responsible for worsening mental health system in Texas, says report
Posted in Mental Health

Mental health must be considered the foundation of public health of any country or state. Compared to the awareness about physical disorders and injuries, there is not much awareness among people about the prevalence of mental health problems, their association with substance abuse and the ways of recovery from mental illnesses or co-occurring disorders. Mental […]

National Trauma Survivor’s Day: Beware, traumatic experiences can trigger addiction
Posted in Dual diagnosis

Disturbing events can have a lasting impact on one’s life. In such a situation, support from family members, along with therapeutic interventions, can help get rid of the pain and anguish. However, there are some who get adversely affected by the trauma that can lead to other complications. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), […]

World Maternal Mental Health Day: Let’s take care of our mothers

No culture ignores the fact that depression exists. Depression is a kind of mental illness that can haunt anyone irrespective of gender, age or any kind of economic affiliations. The fact that anyone including women can suffer from mental health problems during pregnancy or in the first year post-delivery needs to be understood and considered […]

Alcohol Awareness Month: Need to convince friends to seek help for drinking problem
Posted in Treatment

Excessive drinking can bring in a plethora of problems for both the body and the mind. Some people drink so much that eventually they get dependent on it without even realizing. Even others fail to understand the problem because most of the people are not aware of the signs and problems associated with drinking. Those […]

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