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Study identifies reasons behind American adults using stimulants
Posted in Substance Abuse

From Hollywood celebrities to university students, from enthusiastic gym goers to stressed-out white-collar workers, a significant number of Americans are finding themselves trapped in the clutches of an epidemic of amphetamine, a prescription stimulant. Now, a recent study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry says people abuse stimulants for different reasons. According to the […]

Moderate drinking is a behavior propagated by alcohol industry
Posted in Substance Abuse

The alcohol industry has sufficiently promoted the message that moderate drinking is good for health. Alcohol companies have gone to the extent of funding and promoting studies related to alcohol use suggesting that moderate drinking increases the lifespan of the user and reduces the chance of suffering from a heart disease, diabetes and even dementia. […]

Exploring psychedelic drugs as potential treatment options for mental illnesses
Posted in Mental Health

Psychedelic drugs, also called psychotomimetic drugs or hallucinogens and known since the early 1950s, were used traditionally in medicine and religion. After being widely popular till the 1970s, the they diminished in popularity and were classified as Schedule I drugs by some countries, as they had no proven medical use but were potential drugs of […]

Cannabis use disorder can cause schizophrenia in people with schizotypal disorder, says study
Posted in Dual diagnosis

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a condition characterized by an increased dependence or likeliness toward alcohol or drugs. Besides the multiple problems triggered due to the abuse of substances, a new research published online in JAMA Psychiatry in April 2018 evealed that SUD, particularly cannabis use disorder (CUD), can convert schizotypal disorder into schizophrenia. Diagnosed […]

Soon, UK researchers to test MDMA for alcoholism treatment
Posted in Alcohol

Recognizing the increasing need to identify treatments for alcohol use disorder (AUD), researchers from the Imperial College, London, plan to start clinical trials to study the role of 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, also known as MDMA, Molly or ecstasy in AUD treatment. The trial is based on the hypothesis that a few doses of the drug, along with […]

Meth addiction on the rise among borderland mothers of El Paso
Posted in Addiction

Karleth Acosta (name changed) is a young mother addicted to methamphetamine (meth) since teen years. She even took the drug during both her pregnancies. She doesn’t even pay heed to the advice offered by health care workers as she is mostly high. It’s an “urge as big as how much I love my children,” she […]

Opioid death rate increasing by 10% each year in Texas
Posted in Addiction

The Texas House Committee members met on April 17, 2018, to discuss the rising rate of deaths due to the ongoing menace of opioid crisis. According to the experts, the rate of opioid overdose deaths has been consistently increasing by 10 percent every year since 2014. They said fentanyl and heroin were the major contributors […]

Division I Council says yes to sale of alcohol at NCAA championship events
Posted in Alcohol

In a move that would bring a cheer on the faces of students, the Division I Council of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) recently gave its nod for the sale of alcoholic drinks at Division I Championships event. However, in spite of the approval, the final decision will be taken after the closure of […]

DJ Avicii dies; battled stress, anxiety and other health issues

The death of DJ Avicii is a big blow to the electronic dance music (EDM) community that revered the artist for giving his fans worldwide hits like “Wake Me Up” and “Levels”. Avicii was found dead in Muscat, Oman on the afternoon of April 20, 2018, where he was on a holiday. A day before […]

FouseyTube to join rehab soon for treatment of addiction and mental illnesses
Posted in Dual diagnosis

“For years, I told myself it was time to check into a 60-90 day stay-in, rehab facility to combat my addiction, depression and bipolar. But my life moved fast. This is the year I take the time, say goodbye to life for a little while and check into rehab,” tweeted Yousef Saleh Erakat, commonly known […]

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