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4-year-old rescued from meth lab

Authorities at Harris County recently gave a new lease of life to a little boy by saving him from a drug-infested cavern. The four-year old boy was coerced to sleep in a closet with illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine (meth) and marijuana in a west Harris County home in Texas. The child’s mother, April Burrier, has been arrested for a previous drug violation and now for endangering the child and leaving him alone in the presence of highly potent drugs. Currently, detectives are on the lookout for her associate who was camouflaging his nefarious activities by turning the bathroom into a meth-producing lab.

When officials broke inside the 22000 block of Goldstone, West Memorial Subdivision on Dec. 19, 2017, they were aghast to see the conditions. The premises were not fit for an adult inhabitance, let alone an innocent child who had no clue of his whereabouts. Apart from rat poop, they found drug paraphernalia and pornographic materials in close proximity to the child. Cannabis and meth have the highest potential for abuse and pose great risk to physiological and physical health. Early abuse of these drugs is associated with impaired brain functioning, and mental problems like schizophrenia and psychosis.

Justifiably, neighbors were angry because someone had the audacity to cook and sell meth easily when there were children around in the neighborhood. They were shocked to hear about the child as he was forced to live in a bad state neglected by the mother. The child is now in foster care.

Telltale signs of meth lab

Meth continues to be a red herring for law authorities as it can be easily produced at home through online tutorials. Though Mexico is the hub of meth production, some people in the U.S. are also running clandestine laboratories using over-the-counter ingredients. Meth abuse takes a toll on the user’s health, and affects environmental health as well, as the toxic chemicals remain in the air long after the production is stopped.

Therefore, in case one spots red flags, such as compressed gas cylinders, camp cooking stoves, and stained masks and coffee filters, they should alert the authorities without due delay. Other telltale signs include:

  • Lack of vegetation in the premises as meth waste is quite toxic
  • Strong smells of ammonia at odd hours
  • Visitors at odd hours with strange appearances
  • Covered windows to prevent anyone from peeping inside
  • Unfriendly inhabitants of the house displaying panic or aggressive behavior
  • Odd items like bottles that are attached with a long hose in close vicinity

Say no to drugs this Christmas

Christmas is the time for great fun and merriment. Whether it be more than the regular pint of alcohol at an office cocktail party or year-end festivity at college with drugs like meth in full supply. Unfortunately, overindulgence can lead to consequences more serious than a hangover. It could lead to an overdose, emergency room visits and even fatal accidents. Therefore, before snorting weed or meth, it is necessary to take stock of the consequences.

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