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Hiding in plain sight: Drug paraphernalia for sale online

“Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.” That’s the Amazon motto, and you may be shocked to know how far it and other international shipping companies would go to have something for everyone – even the drug user.

The Daily Dot stumbled upon several online products suspiciously earmarked “not for cocaine use” that help buyers store, disguise and snort powdery substances.

No longer limited to the obvious glass bong or spoon and foil of previous decades perhaps, drug paraphernalia has modernized and become as much a sleek accoutrement as a clever disguise. If your loved one receives tiny shipments he or she is aggressively adamant you not open, it may serve you well to apprise yourself of the latest in drug tools.

Drug paraphernalia on Amazon

Despite the disclaimers, items such as the following were clearly intended to facilitate cocaine use, and comments from purchasers openly described the goal or efficacy of the products in illegal substance use:

  1. Nasal vacuum: It literally looked like a vacuum and was advertised for “easy snorting.”
  2. Double barrel nasal sniffer: This three-pronged instrument was suggested to be used only with “energy powder.”
  3. Permanent marker with hideaway compartment: The fake marker hides a nasal straw and glass vial; its description explained it was for tobacco use; one must wonder why adults would go to such lengths to hide their tobacco.
  4. Small glass vial, with spoon: The description couldn’t even keep its story straight, first explaining the apparatus was only for use with tobacco, but then advertising its handiness with lab chemicals and powders.
  5. Deluxe snorting kit. In an inconceivable transparency, this kit, comprised of a razor blade,  mirror, vial, straw and small spoon tool, actually puts “not for cocaine” in the title, and its reviewers add to the sarcasm by hailing it as a perfect stocking stuffer for a “white Christmas.”

Many types of cocaine accessories claim to be for snorting tobacco, but the use of powered tobacco, called snuff, largely died out in the 1950s. Tobacco snorting is a minuscule percentage of the tobacco market, which makes the popularity of the items suspicious.

Shortly after the Daily Dot article published, Amazon did remove the aforementioned products from its website. Other dubious products remain available on renowned online shopping sites, such as flask ties and women’s decorative scarves with flask bladders woven inside for surreptitious alcohol drinking.

For the record, it is illegal to sell products intended to facilitate drug use, even when the makers claim otherwise.   

Parents and loved ones who suspect someone may be using abusing substances with the help of easily purchased and thinly veiled drug or alcohol paraphernalia, should get help. If someone is going the lengths to buy accessories, there is clearly a problem. Sovereign Health of Texas is a solid solution for treating drug and alcohol dependency issues, as well as the mental health disorders that often fuel addiction. Call our 24/7 helpline to learn how we tailor treatment for each person.

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