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At Sovereign Health of El Paso, our top priority is helping our patients recover from the pain of substance abuse and any co-occurring disorders, and their families in understanding that with proper treatment and care, their loved ones have a successful chance at recovery. To empower patients to heal and lead healthy, successful and productive lives, our team of experienced and talented professionals creates comprehensive and individualized treatment plans aimed at complete recovery.

The addiction treatment teams at our Sovereign Health of El Paso, Texas facility comprises a multidisciplinary group of medical and nonmedical professionals. Their expertise lies in treating substance abuse, dual diagnosis and providing detox. Highly educated and trained in their respective fields, the treatment team at Sovereign Health of El Paso provides a loving, nurturing environment to support patients through their journey of the treatment.

Although the therapists vary according to the patient’s needs and level of care, our expert team typically includes many or all of the following specialists:

  • Medical doctors: All our doctors are board-certified physicians who prescribe appropriate medications and monitoring directions in collaboration with our psychiatrists.
  • Psychiatrists: Our psychiatrists specialize in addiction medications and evaluate our patients from a psychiatric perspective. They prescribe medications in collaboration with our medical doctors. They are also available for crisis intervention when necessary.
  • Licensed nurses: All our nurses are licensed and help obtain laboratory samples, insert intravenous catheters, administer prescribed medications, and communicate directly with our physicians. Throughout the detox program, nurses monitor the patients’ vital signs and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Psychologists: Our licensed psychologists work one-on-one with the patients to ensure accurate diagnosis of all conditions, including co-occurring disorders. Playing a therapeutic role, the psychologists help guide our treatment team in meeting each individual patient’s goals and needs.
  • Psychotherapists: Many of our psychotherapists have specialty areas of expertise and facilitate talk therapy with patients, groups, and families. Throughout the treatment, patients are under the guidance of therapists who can best address their specific conditions and circumstances.
  • Counselors: Our licensed mental health and substance abuse counselors assist patients in understanding the nature of mental illness and addiction and how to live with these conditions successfully.
  • Case managers: Our case managers facilitate communication between team members and our patients, and ensure the quality and continuity of care in our treatment programs.
  • Patient advocates: Our patient advocates function as a liaison between patients and their families as well as members of the treatment team. They also help communicate patients’ wishes and needs, and handle their critical issues so that the patients can focus on getting well.
  • Registered dieticians: Our registered dieticians assess our patients’ histories, current conditions, medications, food preferences, lifestyle habits, and other factors to assist them with food choices that will improve their nutritional status, health, well-being and quality of life. Our dieticians also consult with our personal chef to ensure that each patient has meals that meet his or her dietary requirements and preferences.
  • House managers: Our house managers supervise patients during their residential housing. House managers coordinate transportation, individual treatments schedules, meals, and communicate directly with treatment team members.
  • Ancillary staff: Our ancillary staff provides many different types of supportive services to our patients and their families.

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At Sovereign Health of El Paso, we are committed to providing every patient with the necessary emotional and physical tools required to achieve a productive and sober life. Sovereign Health of El Paso accepts male and female patients over the age of 18 and offers treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring conditions, including detoxification treatment to both our English and Spanish-speaking patients.

In addition to offering medically assisted detox, we offer various evidence-based therapies to help patients achieve a lasting recovery. For more information about our addiction treatment plans or any of our specialized programs, call our 24/7 helpline. You can even chat online with our representatives for further assistance.

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Success Story
Success Story

“The therapy here helped me really look at myself and find that I am a strong individual that can deal with this and move forward in my life.”- Katie

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