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Alcohol Awareness Month: Need to convince friends to seek help for drinking problem
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Excessive drinking can bring in a plethora of problems for both the body and the mind. Some people drink so much that eventually they get dependent on it without even realizing. Even others fail to understand the problem because most of the people are not aware of the signs and problems associated with drinking. Those dependent on alcohol do not realize that it can affect their physiological and psychological health.

To talk about the need to reach out to various American communities and inform them about alcohol, alcoholism and recovery, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) observes Alcohol Awareness Month in April every year.

There are many signs to help understand if someone has been abusing alcohol. These may include increased frequency of drinking, likelihood to be involved in binge drinking, inability to fulfill obligations at work or at home due to unrelenting drinking tendencies and tendency to continue drinking despite adverse consequences. After looking at the signs, one should proactively help and encourage those dependent on alcohol to seek the necessary help.

Spotting signs of alcohol dependence

People dependent on alcohol do not want to believe that they have a drinking problem. The idea is to approach them with empathy and care that would make them share their addiction problem. Despite realizing that their dependence on alcohol needs to be checked, drinkers usually feel humiliated if they are told that they have been drinking too much. The denial stems from the widespread pervasiveness of alcohol culture that America is finding it difficult to get rid of it. It is necessary to show concern as opposed to disapproval of their drinking habit.

While helping such a person, one must take care to maintain positivity during the entire conversation so that drinkers do not back out when advised about the help they require. There is also a need to stress on the kind of improvement they would undergo on abstaining from alcohol. Drinkers need to be empathized with, and that is possible if others show genuine concern and sympathy toward them.

For every conversation to have the necessary impact, it is important for the timing to be right. Knowing what to speak also depends a lot on knowing when to speak. Choosing the right moment is vital to any conversation considering that the people involved must be in the right frame of mind to discuss an issue that is so critical. This entire exercise might help in saving someone’s life.

Road to recovery

With an increasing number of Americans succumbing to the hazardous effects of alcohol, it has become imperative to inform people about the harmful effects of alcohol. In addition to this, there is a need to dispel the myth that an addiction to substances, including alcohol, is untreatable.

Any kind of addiction recovery commences with the first step of detoxification. It is a set of procedures that help eliminate unwanted chemicals accumulated in the body due to constant drinking. It also prepares the body for the next level of treatment. Detoxification can result in painful withdrawal symptoms, so the procedure must be carried out under medical supervision.

Sovereign Health of Texas examines its patients scientifically for signs of alcohol abuse before recommending the necessary interventions – pharmacological or behavioral. For more information about our detox treatment centers in the U.S., call us at our 24/7 helpline or chat online for expert advice about the best detox facilities in your vicinity. One must not delay the treatment or things may go out of hand.

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