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A Road to Recovery

Sovereign Health of Texas provides innovative behavioral health treatment for patients and their families dealing with addiction and dual diagnosis disorders.

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Treatment Programs

No two patients are the same. Hence, our treatment programs are individualized and specialized to each patient’s unique set of needs for the best approach possible. We combine therapy with cognitive restructuring, education and nutrition to ensure a well-rounded and sustained recovery for our patients.

Our Services

We offer detoxification, residential and intensive outpatient treatment services for men and women and their families who are dealing with addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Our staff includes both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking clinicians to provide bilingual care.

Our Values

Our priority is you: your well-being and your recovery. This is why we believe in treating the person, not strictly the addiction. Our recovery programs aim see our patients succeed in treatment and thrive in life once they return home and get back to their normal lives.


Sovereign Health of Texas is licensed by the State of Texas as a substance abuse treatment facility under the provision of the Health and Safety Code, Chapter 464, and the 25 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 448 Substance Abuse Standards of Care Rules. The license is known as Co-Occurring Psychiatric Substance Abuse Disorders (COPSD).

Who we are

The Sovereign Health Group is a leading behavioral health treatment provider, devoted to a holistic and evidence-based treatment of substance abuse disorders and co-occurring mental illnesses. Licensed by the State of Texas, our bilingual El Paso facility offers detoxification and treatment services for both intensive outpatients and residential patients as well as their families.

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Detox is your first step toward a new life. The goal of detox is to rid the body of all the toxins accumulated by substance abuse. Our dedicated staff eases the discomfort of this process and minimizes withdrawal symptoms to get you back on the road to health.

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Drug Detox

Drug Addiction

Our drug addiction programs stand out from other traditional rehabilitative regimens, as we pay attention to the underlying cause of the disorder and treat all co-occurring conditions at the same time.

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Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in America. At Sovereign Health of Texas, we combine group, individual and alternative therapies as well as education and nutrition to create the most suitable recovery program for patients to overcome their addiction, reduce their risk of relapse and resolve any underlying issues.

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Success Story

  • Review

    I’d say it definitely met my expectations, just because the staff is friendly, and it’s the same thing with the clients. They’re here for you, they’ll back you up. And the groups are very helpful.

  • Review

    My experience with the staff and therapists was beautiful – I can’t complain about anything. Because as I asked questions, staff and therapists were always willing to give me the answers I needed…I’ll put it in better words: I’ll just say they went beyond what I ever would have imagined staff and therapists would do […]

  • Review

    My expectations of the program mainly in the beginning were to just kind of get myself to feel better and to feel comfortable, and Sovereign helped me to do that. I didn’t feel the anxiety or the pressure. I was able to relax and feel safe, and have people around me, such as case managers…they […]


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